Late Nights And Early Mornings

Late Nights and Early Mornings

I just want to be wrapped in those tatted arms for a little bit. Then slowly ease down to your man hood and taste all of you 

I can’t wait for the day your soft lips on my skin again, and your hands are guiding me as I go up and down on you. 

I want you deep inside me, I want you to hurt me. But in a good way. ( Leave me sore all over) make me feel you all the way back home. 

My imagination leaves me wet, throbbing and wanting you even more. 

I want to kiss it while it’s soft and watch it grow before my eyes. Using my tongue to go up and down your shaft then taking you all in. 

I want to do all the things I didn’t do, or had the heart to do when I had you! 

I don’t want it to stop. Do You?