Head Games

IMG_0147.PNGPhoto credit: the rooster.com

Hey Ladies what’s the problem? Are you scared? Believe me I was the very first time I did it. All I knew about playing ” Head Games” was to make sure I didn’t use my teeth. But believe me there is so much more in it for you. Just give a chance. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Practice does make perfect.
Getting comfortable is a must, make sure you’re in managing position. If you do it right he’s gonna want you down there for a minute. I’ve learned that if you get your mind right and relax while your sucking on his man hood, you’ll get your juices flowing too. The wetter the better remember that!
If your concerned about the taste of his juices. Prep beforehand, depending on his diet he may taste somewhat salty. Try getting him to add fruit to his diet. Pineapples, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice are some of my favorites. Now I don’t know too many men that drink either. There’s a quick fix. Have you heard of Masque Flavor Strips ? They do work! Adding these to both your diets will improve the flavor of your well down below.
I like to tease him, in most cases if you touch his manhood he’ll start to grow. Do a little more, KISS IT, LICK IT, and SUCK IT. Go get you your a jolly rancher lolly pop. Make sure it’s a flavor you love. Practice with it, hell do it in front of him. Let him know what you’re about to do to him. With this lolly you can practice your licking and sucking technique. I love jolly ranchers. You gotta have a connection to it as your doing it. Suck him soft slow and passionate like he’s the last damn lolly pop on earth. Savor every lick, let him know you enjoy him. Don’t be afraid to take him fully into your mouth. Guys love a girl that can Deep Throat him. Believe it or not they actually like the fact that we gag. You may gag, buts it’s okay, you will get past it. It’s all mine control. I can’t stress this enough. You should like what your doing, if you don’t you WILL NOT MASTER IT.
I get a kick at looking up at him while I suck him off.
Picture this you on your knees playfully taking his pants off. Look him in his eyes. Take it slow, like I said kiss him. Play with him, then seductively put him into your mouth. Tease the fuck out of his dick. Lick his shaft, play with his balls. Don’t hurt him. Do be gentle, go for it. Own it man, why not? At that moment he’s yours. He’s your jolly rancher, and go all the way in. If your doing it right and really into it. Sucking his Johnson will make you horny as fuck. Your vagina is definitely going to respond. I promise you he, he will reward you. I’m creaming just thinking about it.


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