Enter At Your Own Risk


Ever time we spent together the sex got more intense. I felt like a virgin because of the things I was experiencing with him let alone,within my body. One night while we were getting it on he flipped me over onto my stomach and put his manhood right in my ass. Ironically I was prepared because the topic of anal sex came up while hanging with the girls.I was the only one that had not had a taste. Not to mention he was the only one freaky enough to attempt and actually pull it off. He got me all hot and bothered then fucked the shit out of me. He never left out on foreplay. He stayed hungry, like I said before I like giving the feedings. I loved the fact that he took his time with me. He made sure I got off before, if not at the same time he did. Every time we had sex I felt like he wanted it to be special. After giving it to me good he slowly put the tip in right after making sure I was moist. He made sure not to hurt me. Initially I was like I’m nuts for letting him do this. But believe it or not, I wanted it. I wanted all I could get. I wanted him more with each stroke. I never knew I’d like the way freak rolled off my tongue. Did he just turn me out?


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