Come Here, Let Me Be Good To You

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After a few hours of us just catching up and giving each the eye. He reached over and pulled me between his legs. Okay picture him sitting on the bed legs open wide enough for me to fit between them. He begins undressing me while I stoke his head with anticipation. Once he gets my bra unloose he begins sucking on my breast and teasing my nipples. A feeling only he can bring out of me. While he’s sucking, tugging, and teasing my nipples he’s palming my ass. A nice firm grip I might add. I’m completely undressed burning wet between my legs. My body is ready for him to enter.

I have been waiting for this moment for so long I couldn’t contain myself. I got on my knees and began to free his fully erect penis. I just wanted to get a taste. Heart pounding, vagina dripping and throbbing. I brought his manhood close to my mouth just enough to kiss the tip. I circled the head of his perfect dick with my tongue. As I looked up at him, I sucked him long hard and deep. I teased the shaft and worked my way to the head with my tongue being sure to taste and savor all of his premature juices. Pleasing him turned me on and made me want him more.

He motioned for me to lay on the bed. I crawled my way to the center of the bed making sure he had a good look of my ass. He turns me over and dives in head first. He sucked, pulled and kissed my insides, inside and out. He tugged on my clitoris until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was begging for him to stop but held his head in place. He ate me like he was starving. He flips me on my side and enter my walls from behind so slow but yet so deep. The sweet sound that came from my mouth encouraged his thrust. He pulled out just enough and entered my warmth again and again. I somehow managed to brace myself on my knees. My goodness the deepness was so fulfilling.
We switched positions, Me on top grinding and riding him with extreme passion. He asked me to cum on his dick and I did more than cum. I rained on it. He asked me taste the juices from my vagina that I left on his dick. I obliged and slid off and sucked him right. So long that, there was no longer signs of life left in his penis. He exploded right in my mouth, I swallowed and licked his well dry. I swear I came just from that alone. Ā Inappropriate orgasms…


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