I’m ready


I remember it as if it were yesterday. As we walked into the house, I felt my body preparing for what was yet to come. He told me to get comfortable while he put on some music. He set the mood with the sweet tunes. A mixture of Ronald Isley and Avant. How the hell can you tell someone to get comfortable, when you know you are about to do the nasty for the first time? My nerves were getting the best of me. I wanted him so bad, he had to sense it. I wasn’t the type to take what I wanted, but I sure as hell was willing to accept what he was about give me. He set out to please from the very start. He didn’t rush, not to mention we had all night.

He started out by kissing me on every inch of my body. I can close my eyes and feel his lips as he worked his way down to the middle. He sucked on my breast until my nipples were hard and then teased them with his teeth. Gently pulling at them and sucked some more. His tongue so warm and fierce circled following his soft lips. I can feel the baby kisses and still moan from just the thought alone. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the sweet feeling between my legs that he was going to cause. I was beyond wet the bed was soaked. He was hungry for it. I was more than willing to let him eat. I have never felt so much satisfaction in my natural born life.

At that point, I was ready for the finale. I wanted to feel his manhood inside me. As he inserted himself inside my warmth, I squeezed the walls of my vagina. Once I felt myself securely wrapped around him. He then pushes himself further in and then slowly pulls himself out. The torture, what the hell was he doing? He has me going crazy with anticipation. He pushed himself back inside. But this time he went deep, hard, slow, and then fast until we both were drenched in sweat. The moment when we came, was pure joy.

Will I ever get to experience this, him again….


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